We have settled into our new venue for indoor flying.  Park Orchards Community Centre at 560 Park Rd, Park Orchards VIC 3114.  Roomy with a high ceiling and nothing hanging down to attack our aeroplanes.  Also the basketball hoops retract out of the way.

Generally will be held on the 4th Sunday of each month.   See the Event Calendar for details, map, etc.. 

Park Orchards Hall2

The VPA is keen to promote indoor aerobatics, otherwise know as F3P, as a branch of precision flying.  You will see that we have a new section on this site for Indoor and F3P.  Now that we have good venue for flying (any weather, no wind, perfect visibility!) the key to successful aerobatics in confined (very!) spaces are manoeuvrable but slow flying aeroplanes.  Slow means very slow.  Also very light.  We have a group of regular flyers currently building a batch of this type of aeroplane and we hope to hold some competitions soon.  The section here for F3P now includes a Rookie competition schedule for us to get started on.  So competitions coming soon.

As part of the building effort, the VPA would like to thank Aussie Aeroworks for supporting our efforts to encourage participation in Indoor Aerobatics (F3P). We found them very easy to deal with and they provided great customer service.

Aussie Aeroworks, are at  http://aussieaeroworks.com.au and they have a large range of flat panel models suitable for indoor and outdoor aerobatics, 3D and general flying.