Here is our new venue for indoor flying.  Park Orchards Community Centre at 560 Park Rd, Park Orchards VIC 3114.  Roomy with a high ceiling and nothing hanging down to attack our aeroplanes.  Also the basketball hoops retract out of the way.

Generally will be held on the 4th Sunday of each month.   See the Event Calendar for details, map, etc..

 Park Orchards Hall2

Here is an article about the Cold Draft which is an unusual F3A model.  Design, kit prefabrication, construction, flying and lots of photos.  Builder Tom Bloodworth.

The Cold Draft       

Please see our new sections. Classic Pattern for the way it was.  Getting Started with lots of information about the Sportsman Class.   Also Reports on Events as they happen. 

The VPA is now using the Notauscore judging system as part of an Australia wide project by the APA.   The Notauscore system uses custom made Notaumatic input terminals which allow the judges to enter scores directly.  The Notaumatics prompt the judge with a description of each manoeuvre and the judge can enter the score without taking his eyes of the competitor's model.  The scores are sent directly to the Raspberry processor by wifi.  The system is preloaded with information about all of the pilots, flight schedules, possible scores, and all of the rules for calculating the results.   Score sheets and progressive results can be viewed on line by logging into the local Notauscore wifi network. At the end of the competition the Competition Director can, at the press of a button, produce the final results for the whole competition including promotions and retainers.   Some photos of the hardware are shown below.


Here we have a great idea for a different group photo taken just before flying started on the first day of the Bendigo State Champs a while back.  With our resident guru photographer Darren Tilnak on hand with camera and happy to help out even though he was also first up flying!  Below are a few behind the scenes shots of what happened when the professionals were doing the shoot.

Also recently at P&DARCS with the weekday flyers enjoying some beautiful weather before the floods came.