How do I get started in Precision Aerobatics?

To get started, get in touch with any of the pattern flyers that you see at your local field and get some direction from them. Alternatively you are very welcome to drop into a competition or to give any of our Committee members a call.  They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and give you sound advice. Determine what class you are in (normally in Australia, everybody has to start in Sportsman). Learn your schedule and practice the manoeuvres and think about the judging criteria.  Perfection is not essential, the main thing is to come along and enjoy yourself.   Lots of practice helps, and you may be surprised how it improves your general flying skills.   Ask around as to where the pattern flyers are getting together for practice between competitions and see if you can join in.  Then go to a contest that is listed on this site or in the MAAA, VMAA, or APA newsletter/website. If your own club has active pattern flyers, make contact with them and tag along with a great bunch of highly skilled radio control pilots.... and enjoy the competitive camaraderie that results.

Don't be dazzled by the aircraft that you see at competitions. There are many highly suitable and very reasonably priced aeroplanes that can take you right through to the top categories. Before making a decision, get advice from someone that is already actively participating in the sport. As mentioned above, they will give you very good advice and direction.

Come along and enjoy the fun!


Here are some tips from one of our experienced pilots, Glenn Burgdorf, on getting started in precision aerobatics.