Sportsman is the entry-level class into F3A competitions, and involves a sequence of manoeuvres performed in front of the pilot and judges. There is a lot of similarity between Gold Wings and the Sportsman’s sequence, so doing these is also good practice for your Gold Wings. The Sportsman schedule / call card can be found here. A detailed description of the current manoeuvres is shown here.  This manoeuvres document is labelled 20-21 but it is in fact still current.

Shown below are some videos providing detailed information about individual Sportsman manoeuvres.  Please note that these videos are from a previous version of the Sportsman's sequence so there are some differences from the current sequence.

Now a big thank you to Russell Edwards (with a little help from David Gibbs and Bill Bloodworth) for their efforts in producing these.

Double Immelman 


 Two Inside Loops

Two Consecutive Rolls


Top Hat

Two Outside Loops


 Square Loop On Corner


Inverted Flight


Stall Turn


Cuban Eight


Two Turn Spin