Here is a set of three videos prepared by roving reporter Darren Tilnak at the Bairnsdale competition in Victoria. Our Precision Aerobatics or F3A scene is a friendly one, so the example model setups are spread amongst an introduction to some of the pilots, the locals and the Bairnsdale field (which is magnificent!). And you can't avoid our theme - 'Flying with Purpose'. The example setups include:

  • Ted Knowles - CA Models Eclipse
  • Ben Biggs - Sebart Wind S
  • David Gibbs - Sebart MythoS 2m
  • Rob Huellet - PL Prod Partner
  • Fernando Monge - BJ Craft Prolog

A big thank you to Darren for taking the video - and taking the time to edit it for us.

Bairnsdale - Intros and Setups - Part 1


Bairnsdale - Intros and Setups - Part 2


Bairnsdale - Intros and Setups - Part 3