The location of the 2024 Victorian State Championships is in the process of being changed.  The Bendigo Club field is no longer usable for us because their allowable height certification is now not sufficient.  News of an alternative field is expected in the next few days.   We will keep you posted here and the VPA will advise all members of the new arrangements as soon as they are finalised.

Here is an article showing how to build an enclosure for charging batteries that might save your workshop, your model gear and even your house from being burned to a crisp if one or more of your batteries should catch fire during charging.    The amount of flame, heat, and toxic smoke released when a LIPO flight pack is on fire is enormous. How best to make an enclosure like this is an ongoing project so, hopefully, more to come. This article is also available under RESOURCES.   

A suggested method of building a safe enclosure for your LiPo charging.

 The indoor demonstration of F3P indoor aerobatic flying by Dirk van der Vecht, who is a top F3A and F3P flyer in Europe, was a great success with some awesome flying.  Dirk was visiting Australia and showed us how it can be be done at his display on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

He provided some copies of the schedules flown in Europe and these are now available here at "Indoor, F3P".  

 Many of our scheduled competitions are currently in doubt due to difficulties with permmitted height approvals at the various clubs.

The issues are being very actively addressed by all concerned and the VPA is hopeful that the necessary permits will be forthcoming soon.

The competiton at Yarra Valley MAC, scheduled for Saturday, January 20, has been postponed indefinitely.

The good news is that the F3A competition at Nepean and the Classic at P&DARCS, both in February, are definitely confirmed as being on.

The VPA will advise any updates as soon as possible. 

The competitions program for 2024 is shown under Events/Calendar.   

Please Note:  Some items for 2024 have yet to be confirmed and are marked as TBC. 

We now have competitons scheduled for three new fields; Latrobe, Wangaratta and Horsham.   Also the Victoria / South Australia Challenge, at Horsham, has returned.

Shortcuts to the latest results for individual VPA competitions are now available here at Results / 2024    These now include all Classic results.

The next VPA-F3A competition is :

Wangaratta, April 20-21, 2024.  

The complete competition calendar for 2024 is shown under Events/Calendar.