Shortcuts to results for individual VPA competitions are now available here at Results / 2022 Results.

October 8 & 9, 2022 at Bairnsdale MAC.
Unfortunately this competition has been cancelled.  We are looking forward to the next competition which is Sunday, November 20, at Nepean.  In the mean time we are working on a training day before that for anyone interested.  More to come... 

All competition results and individual score sheets are now available through the APA website via the link below.

APA Results and Score Sheets

This takes you to all of the results for Australia and it is then necessary, for a particular competition, to navigate via the year, month and location.

Direct links for VPA competition Results will also be posted.  Please click below: 

Bendigo May 2022

Echuca September 2022

Please note that due to some lags in the the data transmission and site updating process, results are usually not available until the morning of the second day after the completion of the competition.


At last some sun!  Now we just need our flying fields to dry out a little so we can get back flying.

First up, all the best to any Victorians heading to Casino for the Australian Masters on 9 - 12 September.

Following that we look forward to a strong attendance at our two regional competitions:

  • Echuca on 24/25 Septenber
  • Bairnsdale on 8/9 October

Then we are back to Melbourne-centric one day competitions for the balance of the year:

  • Nepean - 20th November
  • GMAC - 27th November
  • Double Header to be confirmed in December 3rd and 4th (currently SWAMPS and P&DARCs)

And we would also like to get back to indoor flying.  Unfortunately we no longer have access to the car-park in Ferntree Gully, so if anyone has any thoughts on a possible venue please let us know.

Now we are using the Notaumatic system we are trialing a different way to present results.

You can find VPA results here - VPA Google Drive

At present there is a Google Sheet for each competition - with two copies of the latest for reasons noted below.  They are the same.

Each sheet has:

  • Four tabs with the overall results by class.
  • A tab where you can access the details of your individual scores.

On the Individual tab you need to put your pilot number from the competition in the Green cell near the top left, wait a couple of seconds, and your scores will appear (and ignore the 'Heads up' warning - it is a Google thing we can't get rid of it).  If you can't edit the Pilot number then we have screwed up the permissions - so let David Gibbs know, or wait until we checks and fix it!  As this is effectively public data we do not want to publish pilot or judge names.  Also note that it is your overall scores that are important for performance improvement, not who gave them to you!

Over time we can add further analytics.  At present we have just included the 'Gap' to total score, and a sorted list in order of gap.  Put simply, the bigger the gap the more you should practice that manoeuvre.

The one small drawback with this method is that only one person can be accessing their scores at once.  So hence the two copies of the latest.  If you see the pilot number changing or nor reflecting your changes there may be someone else in the spreadsheet.  If you see that try the other copy, or wait a few minutes.