The forecast wasn't encouraging - massive wet and cold front taking over the State!  But the dedicated group in Victoria know the drill - turn up and take what comes!  And that was good decision this time.

The early arrivals made it Thursday evening ready for an early Friday start.  Unfortunately the early weather was poor, but settled down and some good practice flights were put in.  The rest turned up during Friday and we all rocked up to the field with some trepidation on Saturday morning.  But nothing to worry about - a bit cool and a cold-ish northerly blowing us out, and showers all around but not on us.

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 One day competition at the Nepean field in Rosebud today.  This is usually a relaxed, mid-winter competition, and today was no excpetion - well, apart from being a bit cool, and many pilots lacking practice given teh recent run of poor weather.  Other than that the weather was superb and we all got in 3 flights (and allowed Dennis and Bill a bonus 4th flight as practice for the World Champs that are now only weeks away).  It was also great to have a few new Sportsman, and some of the local club members, competing.  And thank you to Terry and Ian from the local club for catering.

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