This weekend (Nov 7 and 8) is P-17 familiarisation time - including its Expert and Advanced derivatives.  Saturday at GMAC, Sunday at Rosebud - formalities starting at 10am both days, and you are welcome to either or both.  A great opportunity for aerobatics pilots at all levels.

And what to expect?  A mix of:

  • 'Forensic' review of P-17 - observing out top pilots flying it, marking up errors on Arresti diagrams, and discussing what we see.  Great for experience for all levels - whether you are flying it, or simply looking to understand what judges are looking for.  A great opportunity to observe and discuss.
  • Personalised feedback on your flying from our Australian team members (and others).  You can fly whichever schedule you are comfortable with, and receive constructive coaching and feedback.
  • Feedback from the world championships experience.
  • Discussion with our Australian Team members and other senior pilots across topics of interest to you.

And things going well we may also demonstrate the working prototype of electronic scoring.

See you there.

VPA Comms team.