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An evolving list of options aimed at making it simple to get to the current and forecast flying conditions in an area.  We recognise everyone has their favourite sites, and ways of viewing them - so let us know if there are alternate views that make things easier.

The menu below sets out a summary of the options currently provided.

What is it about?
WeatherzoneWeatherzone's integrated presentation of all the weather - opens in a new window, and is comprehensive when you find your way around it.
Current ForecastLatest BOM formal forecast
Current Conditions30 minute observations of temperature, wind and rain
Rain RadarThe rain radar image
Wind Doppler
The wind equivalent of the rain radar
Synoptic ChartLatest synoptic chart
Synoptic Chart Forecast4-day synoptic chart forecast

We have set up the views by area - so click on the link below, or in the weather menu, associated with your area (assuming we have added it!)

Last Updated on Friday, 30 January 2009 07:40