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Here are copies of the schedules, in call card format, we are flying at competitions during 2012 and 2013.

For those not familiar with pattern flying, new competitors start in Sportsman, and work there way through Advanced and Expert to F3A. Sportsman, Advanced and Expert have schedules developed and administered in Australia by the Australian Pattern Association (APA). F3A pilots fly the schedules agreed internationally and flown at the world championships - known as Preliminary 13 (P13) and Final 13 (F13). For competitions in Australia, F3A pilots are currently only required to fly P13.

The attachments are in pdf form. You can left click to view them in your web browser, or right cclick to download them to your PC and keep a local copy.

Sportsman and Advanced call cards

Click here

Advanced and Expert call cards

Click here

P13 and F13 call cards

Click here

These are reporduced courtesy of the APA. Thankyou to the APA team for their efforts in developing the schedules and getting them in presentable form.  If you fly pattern in Australia and are not an APA member you should support their efforts by joining - you can do so through the membership section of the APA website.

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