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Flying tips for the four main schedules
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As of January 2012 we will be flying P13 and F13, or schedules derived from that for Expert and Advanced.

The material available in this section provides some guidance on how to think about flying the manoeuvres in the key schedules.

While Advanced and Expert aren't explicitly covered, they are both derivatives of P13 with some of the complexity taken out. So have a good look through Sportsman for the basics, and then watch the P13 Powerpoint slideshow for a detail description of how P13 should be flown (and just remember not to add any of the more complex bits until you are ready to!).

The Sportsman description is in pdf form, while the P13 and F13 documents are Powerpoint slideshows. The last two are quite large files but should download through your browser if you are on a fast connection. If not we would suggest you download the zipped version of the files and unzip and open them locally.

Sportsman description (pdf file)

Click here

P13 description (Powerpoint slideshow)

Click here

F13 description (Powerpoint slideshow)

Click here

P13 decsription (Zipped Powerpoint)

Download here

F13 description (Zipped Powerpoint)

Download here

These are reproduced courtesy of the APA. Thankyou to the APA team for their efforts in sourcing this material and making it available.  If you fly pattern in Australia and are not an APA member you should support their efforts by joining - you can do so through the membership section of the APA website.

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