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In Victoria we have historically maintained what we call The Mid-Air Fund.

This fund basically works as partial flight insurance for those odd instances where two aircraft have a collision in mid-air during competition flight. The fund’s aim is to provide the pilots involved a contribution towards the loss incurred as a result of the incident. The amount of compensation is determined by the extent of the damage. The following are the basic guidelines that govern the mid-air fund:

  1. The Mid-Air Fund only covers VPA competitions.
  2. The Mid-Air Fund only covers VPA competitors; interstate competitors at Victorian competitions are NOT covered by the mid-air fund.
  3. The Mid-Air fund only covers incidents occurring during competition flight. Practice flights are not covered.
  4. Interstate competitions are not covered.
  5. National Competitions are not covered. This includes APA competitions such as the Masters and the APA Champs as well as MAAA competitions such as The Nationals.
  6. The amount of compensation is currently capped at $500 for an aircraft that is a total loss. Lesser damage will attract a lesser compensation. This is decided by the committee at the following committee meeting. This committee decision is final.
  7. A Mid-Air Fund fee of $5 will be collected at competitions where two flight lines are flown.

These guidelines attempt to cover the interests of VPA members, and their cumulative contribution to the fund, in an environment where non-VPA competitions or members do not support a similar fund. We also acknowledge that the maximum amount of compensation does not go a long way towards the cost of current, high specification model – but see the value of some compensation as better than none.

Any comments or concerns relating to this fund can be submitted for consideration in writing to the VPA Committee.