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F3A Results: 1979-81
The first part of loading some extracts from the APA Newsletter archives - with a focus on competition results and topical discussions of the day, plus the odd for sale.  Have included a highlight for each article - follow the title/link to get to the underlying extracts.

1981 - October PDF Print E-mail

World Champs preliminary results, Eddie Edwards wins Geelong, and Col Taylor wins Orange.

1981 - July to Sept PDF Print E-mail

Results across July to September - not much other discussion in Newletters.  Includes Belconnen (Prosser); United M.A.C. (Prosser); Dockyard Trophy (Edwards); Shepparton (Prosser); Geelong (Edwards); Illawara (Prosser).

1981 - June PDF Print E-mail

Wagga and Dockyard Trophy results - and some discussion on noise levels (when noise was allowed!), parallel flightlines and promotional scores.

1980 - December PDF Print E-mail

Great write-up of Ballarat competition and the bennefots of judges who are not competing.

1980 - September PDF Print E-mail

Results from the NSW State Championships held at Parkes.  Tom Prosser wins Masters, and Bobby Hurst wiins Expert - and no Sportsman.

1980 - March PDF Print E-mail

Now we get a taste of who was flying what model at Geelong and at the Kraft Masters - which Tom Prosser won.  And planning the Wolfgang Matt visit.

1979 - June PDF Print E-mail

Melton results - norm PArker wins Sportsman - and some terrific radio gear for sale . . .

1979 - May PDF Print E-mail

The APA is formally formed.  NSW State Championships write-up with Tom Prosser winning Expert and Col Taylor winning advanced. Vic State Championships were won by Eddie Edwards - and note participation by Doug Dorrat, Norm Parker, Norm Morrish, Bobby Hurst and Brian Green!  Also - pattern is not boring, but you do need to tie the dunnies down!

1979 - March PDF Print E-mail

Results from MARCS 2 - Day and Kraft Masters (Camperdown) with Brian Green winning both, and Bob Hurst wins the Tasmanian State Championships!

1979 - February PDF Print E-mail

VPA Elections (Mike Chipchase as President), Tom Prosser wins Amberley Nationals, Judging school and aerobatics clinic are on the agenda.