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Here is some starting information on Classic Pattern - we will add to and refine it as we get things underway.

Greg Hede has pulled together some starting material in the form of a proposed mission statement, synthesis of rules proposed for use in Victoria, and the schedules we will fly - Proposed Mission, Rules and Schedules.  Nothing cast in stine - and thanks to Greg for getting us a starting point written down.  Please send through any thoughts - of join the discussion on our Facebook group.

And here is some more juicy material to get you going!

  • First, a truly classic video: Senior Pattern Video - the Seventh World Championships and first Australia sent a team to.
  • Second, here are some of the most popular links to Classic Pattern Plans and kits:

And here is an RC Universe Thread with a range of links.

Finally the US listing of Classic Pattern Models can be found HERE.

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